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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Perfect Right Action

Chatter dies
Heart opens

I am truth in action ...

For You to open to the fullness of life within and around you and to know you are a gift to the world and to affirm however you choose to express this gift in the world is perfect right action.

I close my eyes to the stimulus of the outer world and relax into the center of my being. I allow doubts and fears to rise into my awareness and then let them go; I continue doing this in rhythm with my breath; I breathe in Love and breathe out all that would block me from accepting Love ... As this continues in my subconscious, I turn my conscious attention to the miracle of creation itself.

I know there is one universe, one creation and I am part of it. I know that the intelligence creating the whole universe is the same intelligence creating me right now. There can be no separation between me and the intelligence, ever! That is impossible.

I take this truth to my heart and it feels good. As I care for and watch over this mighty truth it opens and unfolds for me. Yes, I am one with the intelligence, the power, creating the universe. I have this very same intelligence and power in me right now. I am using this intelligence and power to create my life just as I use air, water and food to create my physical body. I relax and let life happen naturally and easily as I take a moment to reflect on who I am and where I'm going.

I relax into my heart. Here I stop for a moment to listen to my inner, feeling voice. I release the chatter from my mind into the void. I am at home in my heart and I listen and look and accept the truth I find in the center of my being. I choose to take responsibility for my life, so I take this time to look ahead to my destination ...

I accept my ability to choose what my life looks like. I accept my ability to plot my course to whatever destination I choose. I accept the truth that I have co-created my life up to now with the intelligence and laws of the universe. I am creating my life right now; I have the ability to choose to create it consciously or subconsciously. In this beautiful, full, inspired moment I choose to consciously create the life I am inspired to create. I consciously release my doubt, my fear, my ignorance, my feelings of inadequacy, shame, guilt, unworthiness and hopelessness. I consciously embrace the universal intelligence from the heart of my being and the guidance that flows freely from the source, through my heart, into my mind, body and actions.

I declare that life is good; that life is full of peace and grace. I align myself with the inner wisdom that always awaits my attention; I listen, I hear, I act from this place. My head is now the servant of my heart and I know true happiness. I spontaneously and passionately shout, "YES, I Love myself and myself Loves the world!"

Feelings of compassion and gratitude well up in my heart as I release the imaginary walls of my self-created prison. I see the truth, I hear the truth, I feel the truth, I accept the truth, I speak the truth, I live the truth in all ways. I am truth in action.

These words from my heart I release into the heart of the universe and know they are so now and forevermore. So it is and so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 5/18/97)

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