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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Easy Communication

Nurturing presence of love divine -- is mine, all the time!

For You to feel the unconditional love of God in you, through you, as you and to enliven the ability within you to bring this peaceful, powerful presence into your communication with those close to you.

Speak these words and hear the truth in them. Listen to these words and feel their truth in yourself.

There is one energy throughout the universe -- this energy is Love. Love is released in the initial creative event from which all else follows. Only God precedes this initial outflowing of Love. Love is all that is created and everything and everyone is an effect of this Love -- the Love of God.

Feel this presence in yourself of the primordial Love and know you are this Love in manifestation. As you tune in to this truth your actions flow naturally and easily from the center of peace and power. All apparent obstacles and attacks are seen as appearances of fear, ignorance, and resentment.

As I sit still in the knowledge of Love I am one with God. Compassion wells up in my heart and I speak the truth from this place of Love, fearlessly and easily. I am here, whole complete and perfect in my very creation.

I stand for all that I am in truth clearly and easily.

I listen to those around me carefully, without blame or judgement.

I speak the truth that I feel in my heart clearly and succinctly as a response to what I hear.

I am open to outcome, accepting the creative process as a dynamic unfolding in this moment and every moment.

I accept complete responsibility for my life and act from Love in all I say and do.

As I remain centered in this knowledge of Love I accept those around me as whole, complete and perfect in their very creation and open my heart to experiencing this aspect of them even as I express this aspect of myself.

I know and accept beyond all doubt we are one. I am so thankful for this knowledge and the nurturing presence I feel within.

I release my words now to this wonderful Law of Love that accepts them and assures their truth in my life now. I let go and let God express as me. And so it is.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 7/13/97)

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