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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Do Your Own Prayer

I relax and feel love and respect in my heart ...

For You and/or a loved one to receive that which you specify (e.g., Health, Abundance, Relationship, Etc.).

Close your eyes and relax into this moment. Breathe deeply and then release it ... do this a couple of more times ... feel the solidness of the ground below you ... feel the immensity of the sky above ... feel yourself in the center of it all feeling yourself feeling all this ... and now just let it go and let it flow ...

Continuing in this flow of creation I know there is one life, one power, one creator and one intelligence behind, in and through it all ... I affirm this power creating the universe is in each one as it is in everything ... I affirm this power is creating these words right now ... I affirm this power is guiding each of us along our way ... I affirm we have free choice and can choose to follow our natural path or turn away from it ... I affirm one power, that intelligence creating all there is, is always with us no matter what we choose ...

I affirm we return to our natural path each and every time we recognize the oneness of the universe and our essential role in it ... I affirm we return to our natural path each time we stop, look within and listen to that inborn intelligence that is always waiting, in us, to guide us to our rightful destination ... I affirm life is always good at its core ... I affirm we create our experience of life with our thoughts, words, feelings and actions ... I affirm right now, in this moment, the universe presents unlimited possibilities ...

In this moment of realization of unlimited possibility I choose to carefully speak my word in the first person, knowing that in the oneness of truth I speak for You as myself.

(Specify exactly what you want. For example: I open my heart and mind to the abundance that is always around me and accept that which I need right now. I relax and feel the love and respect I hold in my heart for myself, my family, my community, my world, my universe, my infinite beingness. Wow! I am excited, thrilled, happy about the energy I feel moving through me, as me in this moment. Yes! I am an infinite child of oneness and I accept the abundance that supports me in supporting those closest to me.)

Thank you life for the fullness I feel in this moment. This experience is eternal and infinite in scope and I relax into it filled with gratitude for the support I feel, experience, accept and cherish. Yes, life lived from my core outward is good, very good!

I release these words, thoughts, feelings into oneness from which they come and move forward strengthened in my faith, empowered by my belief and relaxed through the grace I am right now. As I have spoken, so I let it be, now and forever more.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 6-27-97)

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