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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Victims of Brutal Attacks

The grace of Mother Father God fills me now ...

For the Victims of brutal attacks, Family and Friends to relax into the healing, nurturing, loving arms of Mother Father God and know they are not alone and that their hopes and prayers are meaningful and strong in this time of uncertainty and bring about positive results.

Sitting here with the sun shining bright outside and the breeze moving the trees ... I close my eyes and relax ... I release my thoughts into the flow of time ... I watch my breath ... I feel my body ... I feel the earth, the solid earth beneath me ... I feel the air, the clear air above me ... I feel my being, being right here ...

In this ever present moment I know there is Life; I know there is one Life equally present in all the universe ... I know this Life as the originator of all that exists ... I know this Life as my Life, and as the Life of all around me ... for in truth there is only one Life and all participate with it, as it, in it equally. This Life, this presence, this power, this energy, this intelligence, has many names, but for now I choose to call it Mother Father God.

Mother Father God is with me now and always. I focus my attention and awareness on this truth. I know that as I relax and allow this inspiration to well up from deep within my body, my being, my very self, that it is causative and creative; it is a key element in the creative process. So, I choose now to speak my word as one with the presence, the inspiration, of Mother Father God.

I know the Victims, are in the loving embrace of Mother Father God and the creative process. I know each is nurtured, inspired, comforted, healed by this loving presence. I add the full weight of my thought and intention to the myriad prayers in the minds, bodies, thoughts and throats of those that know and love them.

I affirm great things are manifesting from this apparent tragedy; I keep an open mind to allow them to manifest in all their fullness and import. I relax and allow the grace of Mother Father God to fill this situation with love and compassion, healing and growth.

Yes, expressions of Love and Understanding flow unconditionally from all sources. I open my self to give unconditional love to all involved in this experience. I know not the whys and wherefores and I release the need to know. I see only good in Life from this moment on. I see the Victims happy in this eternal moment as they move forward natural and free in health and wholeness.

Thank you Mother Father God for being with us now and always. My heart and soul are with you now and always. I align myself with your divine energy knowing its source is in my heart, and in the hearts of my loved ones and all those touched by this situation. Here no evil abides. I am so grateful for your presence.

I release these words, these thoughts, these feelings into your Love knowing they are true and manifest now. So it is and so I let it be.

Blessed are We

(Originally published on SharePrayer 7/6/00)

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