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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Honor Mother

I honor Mother as I honor myself ...

For You to hold the highest consciousness for your Mother and your relationship.

Sitting in the morning light I relax into my chair and take a deep breath ... Here I sit with Mother on my mind ... I release all thoughts except that of Mother ... I go beyond the immediate to the universal and think of the Mother of the universe ... I know that all that exists comes from the womb of creation ... In this way we are all equal, we all have the same source, the same Spirit runs through our lives ... Guiding us, growing us, nurturing us all ...

I feel Spirit in me now as I sit and pray for my Mother ... I feel Spirit connecting us as one in this time of change and growth ... I know Spirit brings great power and presence into this situation as I open to the universal truths of life ... In this world we are one; woven together in a matrix of mutual support and goodness, each thought and action effects the whole ... I relax and feel the strength of this matrix of love which I see clearly connecting us all as one ... I proudly hold my place, peacefully, joyfully, powerfully ...

I consciously speak my word now, claiming that good which I know is present in the wholeness of life for myself and my Mother. I know and affirm Spirit is with her always, holding her, healing her, carrying her forward on her path of life and I let this be so. I hold my Mother in the highest esteem as I think on our life together; I release all apparent hurts and problems of the past and enter this new moment clear and complete: In truth we are one. My body comes from her body and in Mind we are one with Spirit. I honor her as I honor myself for the goodness each of us brings to the whole of life.

Thank you Spirit, thank you Life for the peaceful Presence I am now. I see your light, I feel your Love and I am grateful. And into this presence I release these words knowing they are inspired by truth and in the matrix of creation they are so now. And so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 7/8/98)

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