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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Inner Beauty, Perfect Health, Mate

I accept Spirit as my inspiration and my guide 100% ...

For You to radiate the inner beauty that Spirit is, revealing perfect health and attracting the perfect mate.

One Spirit, One Life, One Love everywhere equally present; present in my breath, in the breeze, in the swaying leaves, in the clouds and in the sunlight gently reaching over the hill bringing light to this new day.

Easily I sit here contemplating the movement of Spirit. Spirit, Life, Love is right here where I am, moving my thoughts, moving my fingers, moving my emotions that cry out with Joy as I feel and accept this sacred connection. I know there is one Mind and that I am a unique expression of this Mind as we all are. So, in this moment of conscious union with Mind I choose to speak knowing these words are Creative and Powerful.

I claim and declare the truth: That Life is good! That Spirit moves everywhere! That I am one with Spirit! I feel this Truth deeply, profoundly in this moment! ... I breathe in slow and full and then let it go completely. ... I do this again and again. ... I reflect silently on my thoughts, my words and my feelings. ... The chatter slows and my mind clears. ... Awareness of the One Mind I am immersed in becomes more clear. ... I sense my inborn purpose and see my path before me. ... I relax and watch. ... I listen. ... I feel deep stirring within. ... I let everything go in this moment. ...

Peacefully I know the natural home of Spirit is where I am right now. ... I feel such clarity and beauty that I am humbled. ... Spirit flows so easily and naturally through me, with me, that decisions are made naturally and easily. ... I confidently move forward one step at a time. ... I am healthy and beautiful! ... Spirit shines through me, as me and I feel Good! ...

I open to sharing this wonderful Life totally with one special person. ... I breathe in slow and full and let it go completely again and again. ... I let my thoughts go. ... I am open and ready to accept my mate ... Naturally! ... Easily! ... Fully! ... I step forward with an attitude of attraction, knowing I have set in motion a divine process that will be completed perfectly.

Thank you Spirit for loving support, nurturing expression and free inspiration. I look in my heart and there you are encouraging me to be me and to live my life naturally, easily, fully. I accept You as my inspiration and my guide 100%. My gratitude is unbounded as I let these words flow today and let your energy move freely through me. Faithfully yours, I let you fill me with Love as I enthusiastically, confidently and happily enjoy my Life. As it is spoken, so it is done. And so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 7/3/97)

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