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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Peace in Wake of Killings

I hold the high watch for lives changed by violence ...

To bring peace, understanding conciliation to the families and community effected by the shootings Monday.

Taking a moment to breathe ... to allow this natural rhythm to establish its normal pattern ... I sit in the sunlight and allow my mind to focus its attention on the oneness of life ...

One creator, one beginning from which all flows forth in unending creativity. One intelligence, one expression of love and life. One source pouring forth creation into a waiting void suddenly animated and filled with the glorious expression of life, love, happiness.

I hold this image dear as I sit here in the sunlight feeling this presence within me and all around me. I relax, I breathe, I affirm the goodness, completeness of this life giving Spirit coming to us with many names but one purpose, to remind us that in truth we are all one. In truth there is no, can be no, separation of one from the other.

Here in this moment I am filled with grief and sadness that any individual can break this bond and bring death to itself and many other expressions of divinity. I am overcome with emotion at the thought of death and destruction. Then I remember to breathe again, to bring that gentle rhythm back into my experience. To feel the sunlight, the air, the touch of my feet on the floor, the solidness of the earth, the love of my family, the joy that lives in the heart of all, in truth, and I am brought fully into this moment, with its wholeness and perfection intact.

Here I grieve for what has happened, and hold each one effected in my thoughts of love and wholeness and oneness with the divine. Here I hold the high watch remembering the truth of those that have departed to the realms beyond this life and send them my love. Here I hold the high watch for those whose lives have been changed forever by this random act of violence and know with and for them their wholeness, completeness and perfection through this incredible change.

Here I express gratitude for the oneness of life that allows me to be a support from many miles away because in truth there is no time or space; we are one living whole held in the love of the creator of all, and here I express gratitude for the contribution of the many parts to the fullness of life in this moment.

Now it is time to release this word into the mind of the creator where it is acted upon even as it is spoken, bringing comfort, love, a sense of the divine to each and everyone in need, wherever they are. As it is spoken in truth, so it is in life.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 4/17/07)

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