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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Move Gracefully into the Future

Good flows to me ... I accept it all!

For You to know, feel and express that inner strength and power that is always with you fully and completely as you move into the future gracefully, easily, naturally, happily ...

Memories flood to mind as I sit to pray ... I acknowledge them for exactly what they are, memories, and let them go. I turn my attention inward, inward to this very moment ... to this very present holy moment ...

I know there is one power, one presence everywhere equally present in the universe. I know this presence, I use this presence, I experience this presence, I am inspired by this presence everyday. And I relax into this moment easily and naturally ... I breathe deep ... and let it go ...

I allow my thoughts and words to flow easily and naturally from this connection to the presence, to the creator within me. I take this time to center myself and be here now ... Now I am one with the creative power of the universe and I know it. I place my awareness on this eternal truth and look deep within my mind to where it connects with universal mind and am renewed by the energy that flows easily and abundantly from this source of all life. Yes, I am a creative center within the creative center of the universe now and always. I know this is true for me and true for each and every other center of consciousness.

Personal Peace, Power, Pleasure, Play, Presence, Performance, Presentation, Prayer flow from the deep feelings I access and release in this moment for I know, claim, acknowledge I am a divine child of the Creator of all and from this moment on I step out into the world just as I truly am. I release all thoughts of fear and limitation and accept only the flow of good through me into the world. I know I am accepted wherever I go for exactly who I am and I am happy. Good flows to me in all forms: friends, finances, freedom, fidelity ... I accept it all.

Thank you creativity within for releasing me from self-imposed bondage and opening me to the wonders of life, love and light I see all around me and within me now. I move forward with gratitude into the world. I release these thoughts, these words to the divine flow knowing they are true now and forevermore.

Blessed Be!

(Originally published on SharePrayer 6/19/98)


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