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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Law of Attraction -- For Healing of Cancer

My acceptance and gratitude go hand in hand ...

For healing of cancer.

Silently I sit here in the morning light contemplating the variety of human experience. Cancer, why is there cancer in our experience? What is behind the experience of our flesh displacing our flesh?

I breathe deeply and relax into the oneness of life I feel all around me ... I relax into the question in my mind as I continue breathing in an easy full manner ... I let go of all thoughts except that we are all one in truth ... I sense the constant flow of life around me and through me ... I relax deeper into this flow and let it carry me with it ...

These words come easily and naturally to me in this relaxed flowing state. I am one with the primordial flow of life and creation. Everything here works together in unfolding, growing, evolving, becoming, being, expression of that one Intelligence from which all existence springs. Each bit around me is separate but we are all part of this same flow. I resist the temptation to move against the flow and instead relax further into the present moment. I allow my thought to embrace the goodness I feel in this free flowing environment. I allow my body to accept its place in this flow of goodness.

I face my fear of being swept away by uncontrollable forces and take charge of my experience. I look at the appearance of cancer and then look through it to the wholeness I know I am in truth. I relax into this looking and feel the wholeness, the completeness, the perfectness of the truth of my being behind, before, beyond any temporary temporal experience I have here on earth. I accept the gift of life and self-reflection for the wondrous gift it is and relax into the flow of Goodness I am now immersed in.

I am one with the present moment and I know, beyond all doubt, that creation begins now, with my thought of wholeness and full self expression. I let go of the past and leave it be as I focus on the creativity present in me right now, in this moment. I nurture and cultivate an attitude of creative power initiated within me in this moment of realization. Yes, I am one with the creative power of the universe. Yes, I am a self reflective spiritual being having a human experience and Yes, I am in charge of this experience. Yes, I am able to cocreate my experience of life using my connection with the universal Intelligence that is creating the world around me. Yes, my mind is a creative force in the universe because it is one with the universal mind.

The healing power of these words crosses all boundaries and are limitless, touching cancer everywhere in my body, transforming those aberrant, renegade, destructive cells into normal, supportive, constructive cells. I relax into this process as one by one each aberrant cell receives the light of truth and is transformed. I pull this body into harmony naturally, easily, inexorably for this is the truth that is the ground of my being and is the ground of all creation. I see this truth, I feel this truth, I hear this truth, I know this truth, I believe this truth, I live this truth, I am this truth, now and forevermore.

I am so thankful for this realization and experience of the creative power I am. My acceptance and gratitude go hand in hand as I move forward from this moment embracing the truth, creating a full, happy, healthy life now.

I release these words into the creative process, into the law of life, and am happy for I know this experience is so now and forevermore. So it is, and so I let it be.

Blessed are we!

(Originally published on SharePrayer 5/31/97)


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