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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Dance with Grace of Spirit

I move forward with the grace of the dancer ...

To feel oneness with the love, peace, power and grace of Spirit and to radiate this presence easily and naturally, spreading it to all around you.

I pause and take a deep breath ... and let it go ... I continue breathing easily and naturally ... watching the air as it swells my chest ... and then rushes out into the world again ... the cycle continues endlessly ... the steadiness of this rhythm relaxes me, centers me in this moment ... I feel my heart adding its gentle rhythm to this dance of life I am in this moment ... I feel the movement of my awareness throughout my body as I realize the perfection I represent in the universe as one point in the universal dance of life ...

Life transcends all boundaries and all limitations. The universe is a living, breathing, evolving entity that includes all creation and I am one part of this wholeness. The creative Spirit that brings all this forward from the beginning is one with me now as it is one with everything else. I know this, I feel this, I am this in this moment and this moment is infinite and eternal ... There is no place or time that Spirit is not totally present in all its power and presence. This is the way of creation, this is the way of my life.

I know these thoughts, these words, these feelings I have right now are causative and creative factors in my evolution and the evolution of the universe for in truth we are one. My thoughts, words and actions contribute to the whole and are part of the whole. As I relax now and feel my place in the universal energy, feel my contribution to the universal rhythm, feel the inspiration that naturally flows through my body, through my being, I am encouraged, uplifted and freed from doubt and uncertainty about my place in the world. I am directly connected to the source of life and I bring that initial inspiration forward in all my activities. I move forward with the grace of the dancer bringing my unique gifts to those I am with, easily, naturally, fully.

I accept myself the way I am for I know now I am a divine child in the oneness of creation. I accept the role I choose to manifest in life as the gift it is and accept those I work with as the unique, individual gifts they are. I move forward now centered in the power, love, peace and grace of Spirit; I evolve naturally into that perfection I feel so strongly as the source of my being. I am relaxed and active and happy ... Life is Good!

Yes, this moment of revelation and inspiration is always available to me when I relax and become one with the rhythm of life. Thank you Spirit for flowing so brightly through my life in this moment. I accept your gift wholeheartedly and release these words into that flow knowing they are true, are manifest and effective now. As it is spoken, it is made so, now and forevermore.

Blessed Be!

(Originally published on SharePrayer 11/4/97)


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