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Friday, January 12, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Equal Divine Presence in All

I affirm the equal presence of the Divine in all ...

For You to hold Friend or Relative in Divine perfection as they heal from unbelievable suffering.

In the Divine's Mind all time is one; so as I sit here now in contemplation of healing from unbelievable suffering, I know time and space are transcended and we exist together in the Divine Now.

All my attention is placed on the presence of the Divine in all things, all people and most especially in the healing of my friends and relatives from unbelievable suffering. I join each in Mind as we call on the Divine in each of us to come forward with gifts of forgiveness, understanding, clarity, strength, peace, joy and all the qualities of a happy life. I speak this word in the first person for each of us in the Divine oneness of life.

Here and Now I affirm the equal presence of the Divine in all existence. Here and Now I affirm the presence of the Divine in me. Here and Now I affirm my openness and willingness to call upon the Divine to heal the wounds I have accepted into my experience so that I may witness and experience the Divine perfection that is untouched in my heart.

I open my eyes and I see the Divine in all that passes before me. I open my ears and hear the Divine in each sound. I open my mouth and taste the Divine in all I eat and drink. I reach out my hand and foot and feel the Divine in all I touch. I open my nose and smell the Divine in the air around me. I open my mind and am immersed in Divine Mind.

I am totally present in this moment now. I am so grateful for all the gifts that arise naturally to my awareness in this moment. I sit still and receive that which is my true inheritance as the child of the most high. I accept my specialness and uniqueness and the gift of Life I receive so easily and gratefully now. I accept myself as a healing presence in the larger scheme of Life unfolding. I am well pleased to be me and welcome the opportunity to grow into my inborn potential and to bring peace, understanding, clarity, strength and joy into every situation. I accept my wholeness, my holiness as I accept the same for all around me. I am one with Life, I am one with the Divine.

Reluctant as I am to leave this quiet, safe place communing with the Divine in prayer, I return now to my daily life knowing that the Divine is always with me. I know I need only to pause ... breathe deep ... and feel the Presence within my heart to bring to mind all the gifts I experience here. With these gifts in mind, I am happy, strong, clear and peaceful.

Thank you Divine Intelligence for guiding me on my way. I release these words into your presence knowing they are always with me, now and forevermore, bringing positive results into my life and experience.

And so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 5/7/00)


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