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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Divine Love for Mother's Care

I am strengthened to share God's love ...

For Child to experience peace of mind around her mother's hospitalization and for divine love to guide everyone involved with Mother's care.

Sitting, relaxing, breathing, feeling the ground below, the air all around, the heavens above, watching thoughts flow through my mind... I just let it all go and focus my attention and awareness on that which is behind all this stuff; I focus on God, most especially where God and I connect.

One God, one Creator, one Intelligence coming forth from the beginning of time and space... filling all the universe with itself; there is no spot God is not completely present. This Presence fills all time, all space and is right here, right now.

Yes, I feel the presence of God right where I am and affirm this truth for everyone. It can be no other way, God is the creative intelligence active in all life, all existence, and this creative intelligence in me is creating this prayer right now. This is always true, but is most poignant when I place my attention and awareness on this truth. So, with this heightened awareness I choose to speak my word as one with God now.

I relax and accept the peace within my soul that is God's peace. I move forward in life with peace in my heart and I hold my mother in this same peace, the peace of God. I affirm the health care workers all are filled with God's love and express this in their work. I affirm my mother is the recipient of God's love through these divine workers and the love in her responds with joy and grace. All that needs to be done is done, all that needs to be accepted is accepted, all that needs to be healed is healed. God's plan unfolds perfectly in God's own time... all is in divine right order. I constantly return to this place within myself where I recognize my connection with God when I need to feel the peace and love of God within myself and I am always strengthened, guided, sustained and nourished in this moment. I am strengthened to share God's love and peace with those around me.

Thank you God for your constant presence in my life and for being here when I need you most. Thank you for being a constant light for my mother as she lives her life filled with love.

Gratefully I release this word to the Law knowing it is returned full and overflowing with love, peace and healing. So it is and so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 1/16/06)


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