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Monday, January 15, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Diagnosis of Cancer

Power, presence and compassion surround and fill my friend now ...

For You to have peace of mind, to be able to relax while supporting your friend just diagnosed with cancer and for the friend to find the healing power of Spirit within to guide and support her healing.

Sitting, being, releasing I relax into this moment. I close my eyes and breathe ... slow and long, I breathe ... with each breath, I relax a little more, consciously, with awareness of my body relaxing ... shoulders, face, legs, arms, hands, feet ... all of me is relaxing now ...

My breath is one with the breath of the universe. One Creator, one Spirit, one Love all here now in this very breath. All there is in existence is here in this one breath, the breath of Creator, Spirit, Love, You, Me all exist in Oneness with Creator; it can be no other way, so I just relax into this truth and let it be.

Here I am, immersed in the creation of the universe feeling my connection with Creator and Spirit and the Love that holds us all together. Here I feel the creative power each of us shares with Creator and consciously choose to use it in this prayer treatment.

Being one with Creator I affirm for myself peace of mind as I support my friend as she moves through this time of her life with a diagnosis of cancer. I affirm the presence of Spirit right where she is and right where each of her health care providers are. Spirit guides each individual in their relationship with my friend and only her highest good is served in this process. I affirm that this all proceeds naturally and easily with lots and lots of Love holding all together in equanimity. Balance and harmony within and without prevails as each friend and family member comes forward in support. My friend is constantly buoyed and supported in the ways that serve her and her healing best.

And I gratefully move forward with her and our spiritual allies. I am so grateful for the power, presence and compassion that surrounds and fills my friend now. We are one with Spirit and one with each other.

And so I peacefully release this word into the law knowing it returns fulfilled and manifest now. And so I let it be.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 1/18/06)


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