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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Easy Relationship

This relationship comes easily and naturally ...

For You to relax into the flow of life and accept union with God as absolute and unconditional. For You to know the same is unequivocally true for your Loved One and to allow your relationship to develop from the center outward into whatever it is meant to be in the greater evolution of life.

I relax into life's gentle rhythms as I sit in the natural light. I breathe deeply and let it go ... I close my eyes and go within, slowly, easily, gently ... I let go of all external stimuli and breathe deeply and relax into my inner life.

Here I feel the beating of my heart merge with the rhythm of my breath and I relax. I think about You and your Loved One and relationship ... I think about healing and wholeness ... There is one power, one mind everywhere present in this universe creating all I see and all I experience; this is true for me now and is true for everyone and everything for we all come from one Creator.

I go deeper into this thought, into this idea, and know that You, your Loved One and I meet in the one Mind and here healing takes place. Each of us is an individual expression of the Creator. In this creative medium we call Mind anything is possible. What I claim in faith believing here in the one Mind, without harming or controlling another, is true for me and I manifest this in life as I move forward down my true path. What I claim at the request of another is true for them also, for we are one in Mind, one in Truth ...

Breathing deeply and relaxing into the present moment I let go of all thoughts and allow inspiration to come from my center, from my connection to Mind, to God ... Easily and naturally I claim for myself that true happiness I seek as a warm, committed, loving relationship with another individual that shares my values, beliefs and aspirations. This relationship comes easily and naturally moving beyond the distractions the world presents as quickly and as surely as Cupid's arrow flies to the heart. This intimacy is maintained throughout each and every day as we move separately and together through our routine tasks. Love is a bond that knows no boundaries or limitations. I accept this gift from the Creator wholeheartedly with no reservations and am truly happy.

Thank you God for this moment of Peace and Happiness. I accept it now and always, knowing all I claim is manifest now in God's perfection as I release these words into your omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresence. So it is and so I let it be.



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