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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Law of Attraction -- Win Win in Dilemmas

I relax and feel a common bond of love ...

For You to relax into Oneness with Spirit and trust intuition to guide you to a win win solution to any apparent interpersonal dilemma. To feel and act with strength, courage and clarity.

Relaxing into this new day, I breathe deeply and let it go ... Yes, I am alive ... I am alive with Spirit ... I am alive with Creation ... I am alive with my own unique Gift to bring to this world ...

There is one Power, one creative Intelligence equally available everywhere in creation. I feel the presence of this power and intelligence in me right now. It is always with me, It can be no other way. I know this power is good and guides me to my highest good when I relax and listen. As this is true for me right now I know it is true for all creation because we are One. I let It guide me on my path through life.

Being One with Spirit I speak my word into the creative medium of Mind, knowing that here my word takes shape and manifests in the world. Everything in manifestation has a mental equivalent and I set my stage with my thought now. I relax and feel a common bond of love holding all creation together. I relax further into this feeling ...

I do unto others as I would have them do unto me ... I take this principle and use it as my guide in dealing with others. I look into the eyes of my business contacts and see the common bond of love deep in their being and respond in kind. I show up exactly as I am in truth; I listen with equanimity; I speak my truth without blame or judgement; and remain open to outcome. I am clear that Spirit is in charge and I am a unique expression of Spirit. I know that I bring my special goodness to each and every situation I am in and relax into this truth and let my thoughts, ideas, needs and desires flow. Life is Good!

Clearly grounded in Spirit I am grateful for this time, this contact, this feeling of power, courage and clarity I feel now and know is always with me. Thank you Spirit for your constant guidance.

I release these words into creation unfolding and am one with the flow. And so it is.


(First published on SharePrayer 10/10/98)

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