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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Law of Attraction -- Face Fear and be Truly Me

I face this fear and walk through it ...

For Me to buckle down and follow the guidance that is hammering Me; that is, for Me to walk my talk and talk my walk and be truly Me.

Sitting here in the morning light, I hear the crows cawing and feel the cool air flowing through the window, and look at the whole sky turn gold as the sun works its way up the hills in the east ... I breathe deeply and imagine my real self working its way to the surface to express itself fully ... I imagine myself being truly me.

How easy it is to ride on the crest of the wave (individuality), supported by all the might of the ocean (creation), which I know is truly possible for each of us when we clearly and cleanly choose this. But what about when, in experience, we feel trapped beneath the surface struggling to get a little air, a little light, a little freedom?

With this question in mind I relax and let go; I sit in the moment and let the thoughts flow. I let go of the question, I let go of judgment, I let go of attachment ... I merge with the ocean and the singular power it represents ... I merge with the creator of all that exists ... I peacefully open my mind and accept the inspiration of the universal intelligence creating all there is ... and because of my peaceful perusal of the situation and the clarity of vision this brings, I know I am studying the undercurrents that support the light and freedom that exist at the surface. I am learning about emotions and simplistic principles chosen long ago that I use to run my life; these are temporal and misleading, but difficult to release. I am learning what truly runs my life and that I can change it. I am learning to use creation's first principle, Order, and to put it to work in creating the life I desire. Order, Abundance, Joy, Happiness, Clarity, and all that I need to Peacefully do my work is with me now and always.

As I speak this I clearly feel the power in me to create the life I am being guided to. I feel the ability within me to relax into the expression of my true gifts and to accept abundant rewards for being fully me. I accept my ability to pick and choose and to order my life as I am guided to do by my intuition, by my connection with the universal intelligence. I take time each day to listen, to speak my word, and to act in accord with the fullest expression of my inborn potential.

I relax into each fear that blocks me from my true expression and use it as a guide to do that which I must do: I face each fear and walk through it and do what I must do to stay on my path to the realization of my full potential. I know that, up until now, fear runs my life -- up until now, I constantly react to different fears. From now on I am my true self, Love runs my life -- now I respond to Love that is universally guiding creation toward the fulfillment of its potential. I constantly move forward motivated by that which warms my heart and moves my emotions to their fullest, most positive expression.

Here and now I consciously and competently choose to be me. The me that is born to be. The me that moves forward not just on the crest of the wave, but as the whole wave, from the depths to the surface, as one unified expression of creation realizing itself; that is me being truly me in my own unique way. No possibility of holding back.

In this endeavor I know I am supported by the one Spirit, the one creative Intelligence that is the original energy of creation and permeates all that exists. I am grateful for this realization within myself and for the strength and courage it gives me to move forward with confidence. I am grateful for the knowledge that this is true for each and everyone when we accept it either consciously or unconsciously.

With this said, I relax and release these words into the flow of creation evolving, knowing in truth all is whole, complete and perfect now and always.

Blessed are we

(Use the affirmations above to remind yourself of your truth throughout the day. And, remember, you are free to use your own words in the prayer to claim that which YOU most desire. This is written to read silently or aloud as your own, slowly, peacefully, passionately; feel it with your body, your mind and your inborn Spirit; share it with a friend. The more you feel, in yourself, the truth you put in the prayer, the more you experience that truth in life.)

(First published on SharePrayer 9-28-98)

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