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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Perfect Relationship

As I speak with love and acceptance, so it is ...

For You to know that all relationship begins within with unconditional acceptance of self and works out from there as unconditional love -- and in this movement all is healed.

As I quiet my mind and let my thoughts slow down and go deep within I sense a presence, a light, a warm glow deep inside me. I know this presence is Father/Mother God -- that perfect relationship of female and male that is the source of all existence, of all life, of me and of you. I feel comforted by knowing I am connected with my source always and that through this consciousness of oneness I am connected with everything and everyone in the universe. I am comforted and empowered by this knowledge, by this deep feeling. I know my words have creative effect in this oneness right here and now, immediately.

In this expanded consciousness I choose to speak my word now. I consciously affirm:

Knowing this oneness deep inside I am filled with love, the greatest power of the universe.

I love the expression of life that I am;

I love the life in all that I see;

I unconditionally accept this truth in my life now ...

Overpowered by this sense of unconditional love for myself and all around me, I gratefully let go of all expectations and accept life as whole, complete and perfect just as it is. I look beyond pain and uncertainty and frustration and disappointment and anger and all the difficult and painful appearances in my life to that which is true and good and is the foundation all else is built upon.

Life is good before, beyond, below, above, through all the conditions that make up life. Love, passion, creativity flow naturally through me with each breath I take ... Love comes in so many forms, sometimes my breath is taken away and I stumble and gasp; but I quickly recover and find Life is good, whole and complete just as it is, in truth, in this moment and every moment.

I quickly move forward on my path, using the energy I feel within me now to keep my feet and heart and head moving together toward my goals of health, wealth and happiness gained through right action ...

I love life, I love myself, I love that natural expression of spirit through me, as me. Now, with a profound sense of gratitude and joy I peacefully let these words go, knowing the Intelligence creating the universe acts upon them instantaneously and I am healed. As it is spoken with love and acceptance, so it is.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 11/29/97)


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