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Friday, April 20, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Healing Multiple Ailments

I accept myself for the gift I am ...

For a person with multiple ailments to be one with the healing power of Spirit within.

I relax into this day with a deep breath. In the rhythm of my breathing I find comfort. The rhythm of life is bringing energy from the air to my body. I feel my heart beating, taking this energy throughout my body. I relax and let this happen. I relax and know I am taken care of by my autonomic nervous system.

I relax into this moment with a deep look at myself. In the flow of my thoughts I find a consistent theme of hopelessness and pain. I let those thoughts go and look deeper, deeper into my mind. I find my mind merges with a larger Mind that reaches far beyond the confines of my body. This Mind extends forever into eternity. Here I find peace. Here I enter a flow of creativity and possibility. Here I see and feel the beauty and joy of life. Here I enter an inexhaustible realm of power and growth. I relax and know I am one with the Creator of all that exists.

Here in the creative center of the universe I am consciously one with all that exists. I am consciously one with the creative power of the universe. I know my thoughts and words are causative in the world of effects now. I carefully choose my thoughts and words to reflect the positive changes I accept into my experience now. I look at pain and discomfort and move my attention and awareness through them to the illumination they attempt to block. I know Spirit is behind all things and I move easily and completely into Spirit's embrace and am filled with light and joy. Life is rich in its fullness and abundance and I accept this now.

I am grateful for the presence of Spirit in each and every health care provider and I accept their gifts wholeheartedly; I follow Spirit's advice and prescriptions with enthusiasm and am blessed with immediate rewards. With the light shining brightly from within, I know in truth, beyond all appearances, I am whole, perfect and complete. I see this reflected in the eyes of those around me and I affirm this truth for them also. I accept myself for the gift I am to the world, to my community and to my family. We are all one in Spirit, one with the Creator of all that exists...

Thank you Spirit for the gift of life; thank you Creator for your constant activity of creation and change as I cocreate with you a positive, healthy life. I accept your goodness into my life and make it my own, now and forever more.

I release these words into the creative process knowing they are true and manifest. So it is and so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 6/28/99)

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