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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Release Trauma of Life Changes

I find peace of mind right here in this moment ...

For You to have peace of mind and release from anxiety and depression and the trauma of life changes.

I sit myself down and take a moment to shake my hands, head, feet just to release any built up tension in my body ... ahhhh, yes, let it go ... with the tension released I can begin to relax with a big, deep breath ... as I continue breathing I consciously relax my shoulders ... face ... arms ... abdomen ... hips ... legs ... feet ... I feel the floor beneath my feet holding me here on earth ... I relax into the gentle embrace of gravity ... of the earth's love for me ... I breathe ... I relax into this present moment.

This moment contains all the universe. One Life, one God, one evolutionary Presence filling all space and time with Itself. From beginning to end, through all changes, always one, solid foundation and essence: God. Many names, one Truth here now and always. All that exists is a manifestation of God.

I exist, I am a manifestation of God. I am cocreating my life with God. I consciously choose to affirm that which fills my needs at this time to continue on my evolutionary path through this life.

I find my peace of mind right here in this moment as I sit and breathe and turn my attention inward to that place where I and God connect. I do this now and affirm that I can do this any where, any time, by stopping, looking within, as I consciously breathe, and allow this connection to renew itself. From this connection comes just what I need in that moment; what I need may be sleep, wisdom, peace of mind, self-esteem, whatever it is, God knows and supplies it.

I affirm I have the awareness of God's guidance from within and follow this guidance easily and naturally. I affirm that this guidance is for my highest good and the highest good of all involved with my decisions and actions. I am able to relax and move forward easily and directly. If I feel as if I am sinking, this process allows God to buoy me and lift me up; if the unknown scares me, God reminds me that I am able to move through fear and create that which supports my faith in myself, my connection to God, and the life that supports my evolution and fulfillment.

Thank you God within for your constant, consistent, unfailing support. I am grateful, oh so grateful, for the faith, presence and power I feel so strong within me right now; I accept this as the truth now and always. Thank you God for being right here when I most need you.

Filled with love, understanding and relief, I release this word into God's law of creation knowing it is true and manifest in my life now.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 1/19/06)


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