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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Law of Attraction -- Financial Solvency and Abundance

I accept the truth of my prosperity now! ...

For financial solvency and abundance -- overflowing.

Sitting, breathing, relaxing, watching, listening... I slowly melt into the present moment... I feel the earth beneath me, the air around me, the sky above me... I slowly merge with all that is...

One power, one presence, one Creator of all existence is present in this moment. I feel the power in the beating of my heart... I feel the presence in the inspiration and exhalation of my breath... I see Creator in all around me and I hear Creator in the still, small voice within that guides me on my path...

I accept the truth that Creator and I are one, we are united now and always, it can be no other way because all existence is the expression of Creator. In this moment of unification with Creator I claim that inborn ability to create as Creator does, being one with Creator in truth. So, I speak my word from this place of deep connection with the creative power and presence that fills me and all around me. In truth we are one.

I accept the truth of my prosperity now! I release and let go of all that blocks me from complete, total, unconditional acceptance of my prosperity. I move easily through the world of finances learning as I go. I face any and all apparent obstacles with calm equanimity and am able to move through and beyond them; I avail myself of whatever assistance I need to help understand and move through this time in my life. I listen to Creator within me for guidance and support and accept this inner knowing easily and completely. I am self assured and easy going as I feel this power and presence within guiding, supporting and nurturing me, as it constantly affirms my prosperity. I accept myself with humility and love, just as I am. Wherever I look I see Creator looking back at me with love, peace, joy, power, beauty, peace, light, life and overflowing prosperity.

I pause now and say thank you Creator for showing me myself in you and how I am created with all your qualities built-in. This time in connection with you opens my eyes, my heart, my mind to the prosperity that is right here, right now, always and I am very, very grateful. Thank You!

In this very moment I release this word to creative Law and know it is true and manifest in my life now! So I let it be and so it is...

Blessed Be

(First published on SharePrayer 5/23/06)

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Law of Attraction -- Whole, Complete, Perfect

The grace of God is expressing through me ... as me ...

To know You are whole, complete and perfect just as you are; that this is the truth for you, and everybody, beneath, beyond, before any conditions we find in Life.

Breathe deeply ... and let it go with a sigh ... Relax into this day ... Relax into this life ... Relax into this moment ...

Affirm with me these truths: There is one life and this life is mine now ... There is one power, one intelligence everywhere present in existence creating everything there is ... I am filled with this power and intelligence and I am using it right now ... I am a self-conscious center of creativity in a universe that is constantly renewing itself ... I am cocreating my life with God as my guide right now ...

Relaxing deeper into these truths I recognize doubts and fears that arise in my mind ... I turn toward them and consciously move through them to the truth that is always behind them and they disappear like fog in the morning sun ... the truth of God's guidance and support are always with me because I am the holy child of the One, born whole, complete and perfect ... I am in control of my life and I create it the way I want it ... I naturally and easily turn to God's guidance in good times and bad times and am always led by the light to greater good ...

I accept my blessings with gratitude and humility ... I relax and take each step in my life consciously, confidently, completely, with a grateful heart for the light of God that guides me on my way. I expect nothing less, I accept nothing more than the grace of God expressing through me, as me ...

I release these words to God's inexorable law of creation, knowing they already manifest more good in the world, my world, our world ...


(First published on SharePrayer 3/16/98)

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Law of Attraction -- Co-create Good Fearlessly

I am fearlessly co-creating Good with Intelligence ...

For taking action in the outer world based on the inspiration I receive from the inner world.

I relax into this moment with a sigh ... I let go of the outer busyness and relax into the internal calm ... I find a place in my thought where all is quiet ... all is peaceful ... and I relax into this feeling ... and go deeper into the mystery of life ...

Here in the center of my being I am aware of presence ... presence of love ... presence of power ... presence of wisdom ... I listen, I feel, I see ... here I am aware there is power greater than myself alone ... I sense the immensity of life and my place in it ... I am a creative center of consciousness contributing to the harmony of the whole!

There is not a spot my thought is not. I am one with the intelligence creating the universe and the Intelligence is one with me. It can be no other way; creator, creating and created are one in truth. So, by the power vested in each of us through the creative process I hereby declare and assert my thoughts and words are creative and causative in the world. I am inspired by the vision of the whole and my part in it and furthermore I act on my inspiration fearlessly in the world knowing, trusting and in faith believing my actions bring good to the world and further the evolutionary growth of consciousness. I accept my place in the flow of abundance that is the universe; I open myself to receive and pass-on abundant financial, emotional and spiritual support through my thoughts, words and actions in this world now.

I am guided naturally and easily by the creative Intelligence within me. As I listen to and follow this guidance, I find all aspects of my life come into alignment with all that is good in Life. I relax into this knowledge and go about my daily affairs with a buoyant, positive attitude. I smile at all I meet knowing that there too goes a manifestation of the Intelligence creating the universe; in truth we are one harmonious whole creating an abundant, loving, peaceful world. I affirm that my actions, my very presence, in the world contributes to the creation of peace on earth with joy and good will for all.

I accept my role, I accept my reward, I accept my brothers and sisters in oneness and am so grateful for the realization of the creative process, that is, of the Intelligence that is always active in my life as it is in the world. Thank you creative intelligence for the vision of peace and joy and abundance that I know is the truth. I hold it dear and near in my heart and know that it manifests more clearly each day for everyone.

This is the way of creation and the world. I bless this process and my role in it. Into the Oneness, into the Intelligence I release these words knowing, believing, affirming their truth even before being spoken. As it is written, it is so.

So it is and so I let it be

(First published on SharePrayer 9-11-97)

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Law of Attraction -- Success for Couple

I choose to share my gift fully and completely ...

For clear path and success for a couple.

Sitting. Breathing. Thinking. Thinking of that which I desire to bring into our life. I watch the thoughts flow and just let them go as I continue breathing... Each breath full and complete in itself... Each breath connected one to another... Each breath pulling me into myself easily and gently... Gently I move into that feeling within where I am one with the Creative Intelligence from which the universe comes... Here, within myself, I connect with the one power creating all there is... Now I relax and pray.

One power, one presence, one love filling all the universe with Itself. One omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent evolving life force moving out from beginning to end carrying all there is with it into now, manifesting itself as you, as me.

Here, I am feeling my constant connection with the Creative Intelligence and I relax into this connection realizing I am cocreating my life by using this Intelligence as it manifests in me. I consciously choose to use this Intelligence within me to bring into my life all I need to move along my spiritual path to the realization of that potential I bring with me to this life, to this moment.

I have a gift to share and I choose to share it fully and completely now and open myself to receive all that I need to succeed. Together, with my partner, I move forward with Creative Intelligence within me as our guide. I claim and affirm a constant connection with this guidance, an open ear and open heart to hear and accept the direction that comes to us through intuition, and the ability and strength to act. We move toward our goals consistently and purposively, keeping an eye on the big picture even while we deal with what is in front of us. The time we take in meditation and prayer each day centers us on our path and makes the way clear.

Thank you Spirit for being with us now and always; I appreciate this time and all time spent here in communion with you. I know you are as close as my breath and I use my breath to guide me to you when I feel the need for support and guidance; I am so grateful to be aware of this connection.

With all this said, felt, taken to heart and mind, I release this word to universal law knowing, accepting its manifestation in our life now.

Blessed Be

(First published on SharePrayer 5-19-06)

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Law of Attraction -- Facing Death

I accept this Life filled with gratitude -- Yes!

For those facing death to know the strength of Spirit is with them as Life unfolds naturally.

Now I sit down and take a moment to breathe consciously, deeply, fully ... and feel that connection I have, through the air, with all there is. Yes! I know this air I breathe has circled the earth; I know that this air I breathe nourishes me, energizes me just as it does people, plants and animals everywhere on this planet. I breathe fully again and again and I feel good! ...

I cherish this moment for it is filled with Life; it is filled with the One Life of Spirit that is equally present everywhere in creation. In this moment I relax into the infinite, immortal flow of Spirit and know and feel and accept my Oneness with all creation, through the action of Spirit as me, in this moment -- Yes!

I am strengthen by this connection because I know it is the Truth. I release any contrary ideas or beliefs I may have hidden in my self over the years and accept this simple, eternal first Truth: "I and the Creator are One." I am blessed with Life on Earth for this moment and I truly cherish it and bless it -- Yes!

I find strength in my years and in my Joy and in my family. I face this day and every day counting the blessings I see all around me. I accept the perfection I am in this world and the role I play with great appreciation. I turn to Spirit to guide me, to nurture me, to comfort me when pain intrudes on my perception of perfection -- Yes!

I Love and am Loved -- there can be no greater gift! I accept this Life filled with gratitude; thankful, I accept Spirit's strength expressing through me, as me -- Yes!

I release these words to the flow of creation, knowing, believing, accepting the immortality of my Spirit. With joy, peace and light in my heart I say, "Life is Good." And so I let it be. And so it is ... Blessed Be.


(First published on SharePrayer 9/10/97)

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