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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Release Resentment

I am centered in the presence of God within me ...

To move through and beyond the resentment I feel in my current employment.

Soulfully I sit and think on this feeling of profound resentment I feel. Why do I accept so much? Why am I pushed so hard? What is in this for me? What is the payoff for codependence?

Soulfully I sit and turn my thoughts to God. I know there is an intelligence present at the beginning of time and space. I know this intelligence is present in me right now. I know this intelligence is present in each and every person I work with. This very same intelligence is present in each and every person I serve and that serves me. I accept this and speak my word consciously using this intelligence to move me beyond my resentment.

I know in truth that the universe is one conscious entity and that I am a whole, complete and perfect holographic piece of the universal person. I know this is true for me and each other person. In this holy moment I sense the larger force at work through me and those I work with. I release my attachment to the moment and enter the flow of time and space creating the ever changing present. As I move with this in mind now, I see the present expanding to cover more and more time and space ...

I see the ungoingness of the project we are working on and its importance in this larger picture. I see the individual squabbles and egos as meaningless specks and hot flashes that pass quickly and fade into the background. I see myself moving through this scene solid and steady. I use my anger to move me efficiently through my work and to actively claim my independence and freedom at the perfect time and place. I feel the wisdom and knowledge I am gaining from this experience and my willingness to suspend acting on my judgements and to observe instead. I smile when I am pissed; I say I'm fine when I don't know; and I stay and cooperate when I want to run and scream. In this way I go beyond resistance into acceptance and beyond resentment into understanding. I am centered in the presence of God within me and am not swayed by any external appearance or circumstance.

I am thankful, oh so thankful, for the presence of the intelligence I call God in my life now. I know and accept that I am guided to manifest my greatest good now and always. I hold steady, moving into the vision of goodness this treatment brings me.

Grateful to the core I release these words to the creative process and universal intelligence and let the present unfold naturally, in all its goodness, now and forevermore.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 8/2/98)

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