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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Do Your Own Prayer

I relax and feel love and respect in my heart ...

For You and/or a loved one to receive that which you specify (e.g., Health, Abundance, Relationship, Etc.).

Close your eyes and relax into this moment. Breathe deeply and then release it ... do this a couple of more times ... feel the solidness of the ground below you ... feel the immensity of the sky above ... feel yourself in the center of it all feeling yourself feeling all this ... and now just let it go and let it flow ...

Continuing in this flow of creation I know there is one life, one power, one creator and one intelligence behind, in and through it all ... I affirm this power creating the universe is in each one as it is in everything ... I affirm this power is creating these words right now ... I affirm this power is guiding each of us along our way ... I affirm we have free choice and can choose to follow our natural path or turn away from it ... I affirm one power, that intelligence creating all there is, is always with us no matter what we choose ...

I affirm we return to our natural path each and every time we recognize the oneness of the universe and our essential role in it ... I affirm we return to our natural path each time we stop, look within and listen to that inborn intelligence that is always waiting, in us, to guide us to our rightful destination ... I affirm life is always good at its core ... I affirm we create our experience of life with our thoughts, words, feelings and actions ... I affirm right now, in this moment, the universe presents unlimited possibilities ...

In this moment of realization of unlimited possibility I choose to carefully speak my word in the first person, knowing that in the oneness of truth I speak for You as myself.

(Specify exactly what you want. For example: I open my heart and mind to the abundance that is always around me and accept that which I need right now. I relax and feel the love and respect I hold in my heart for myself, my family, my community, my world, my universe, my infinite beingness. Wow! I am excited, thrilled, happy about the energy I feel moving through me, as me in this moment. Yes! I am an infinite child of oneness and I accept the abundance that supports me in supporting those closest to me.)

Thank you life for the fullness I feel in this moment. This experience is eternal and infinite in scope and I relax into it filled with gratitude for the support I feel, experience, accept and cherish. Yes, life lived from my core outward is good, very good!

I release these words, thoughts, feelings into oneness from which they come and move forward strengthened in my faith, empowered by my belief and relaxed through the grace I am right now. As I have spoken, so I let it be, now and forever more.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 6-27-97)

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Easy Communication

Nurturing presence of love divine -- is mine, all the time!

For You to feel the unconditional love of God in you, through you, as you and to enliven the ability within you to bring this peaceful, powerful presence into your communication with those close to you.

Speak these words and hear the truth in them. Listen to these words and feel their truth in yourself.

There is one energy throughout the universe -- this energy is Love. Love is released in the initial creative event from which all else follows. Only God precedes this initial outflowing of Love. Love is all that is created and everything and everyone is an effect of this Love -- the Love of God.

Feel this presence in yourself of the primordial Love and know you are this Love in manifestation. As you tune in to this truth your actions flow naturally and easily from the center of peace and power. All apparent obstacles and attacks are seen as appearances of fear, ignorance, and resentment.

As I sit still in the knowledge of Love I am one with God. Compassion wells up in my heart and I speak the truth from this place of Love, fearlessly and easily. I am here, whole complete and perfect in my very creation.

I stand for all that I am in truth clearly and easily.

I listen to those around me carefully, without blame or judgement.

I speak the truth that I feel in my heart clearly and succinctly as a response to what I hear.

I am open to outcome, accepting the creative process as a dynamic unfolding in this moment and every moment.

I accept complete responsibility for my life and act from Love in all I say and do.

As I remain centered in this knowledge of Love I accept those around me as whole, complete and perfect in their very creation and open my heart to experiencing this aspect of them even as I express this aspect of myself.

I know and accept beyond all doubt we are one. I am so thankful for this knowledge and the nurturing presence I feel within.

I release my words now to this wonderful Law of Love that accepts them and assures their truth in my life now. I let go and let God express as me. And so it is.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 7/13/97)

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Balance Body, Mind, Spirit

I accept the healing power present in me now ...

For You to relax and in relaxing to allow the natural balance to return to your body, mind and spirit healing all appearances of dysfunction.

Slowly I let activity slip away as I close my eyes and relax. I relax into the center of my being, into my heart ... I feel the steady rhythm of my heartbeat ... I curl my tongue against the roof of my mouth and breathe deeply, relaxing further into the center of my being ... I continue this meditation, paying attention only to my heart and my breath ... I let all other thoughts go, returning always to my heart and my breath ...

Here I find safety, peace and stillness ... Here I allow a deeper relaxation to hold me in the womb of creation ... Here I come in contact with the source of all that exists, with the source of life itself ... Here I am ready to be renewed ... Here, at the source, I am whole, complete and perfect ...

I now know and affirm consistently that I am one with the original power and intelligence creating all that exists ... I affirm my acceptance of the power present now, in me, to heal any and all apparent afflictions ... I relax fully into this moment and absorb all I can of the presence in which I am immersed. I return here often and immerse myself in peace and light. I am truly one with the creative power of the universe and it is working in me and through me in this and every moment. I accept the healing power present in me now.

I am filled with gratitude for this peaceful, easy, natural feeling. Thank you Spirit within for calming me, holding me, nurturing me, healing me; I accept your warmth and presence unequivocally.

Into this creative medium I release these words knowing they are true and manifest even as they are spoken. I breathe deeply and say: "So it is and so I let it be".

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 7/12/98)

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Perfect Balance and Health

I move forward in balance and harmony ...

For You to see, feel and experience your body in perfect balance and health.

As I sit here in the morning light I relax and allow my thoughts to wander ... I release any thoughts of the activities of this day and just sit ... I reflect on the peacefulness of the natural world around me. Everything is in its place, doing its job ... the desk, the chair, the cup, the tree, the cloud, the flower ... and so it is with me ...

I continue to reflect on the naturalness of this moment, I sense a common presence in all I see. I sense the presence of a force, a power, an intelligence moving behind, before, within myself and within all my gaze and my thought touches. Yes, there is something actively present in existence that is consistent, active, creative from the beginning to now and beyond. I am one with this creative, creating, created being. As I relax into this truth, I realize I am using this power to be me right now. In truth there is no separation now or ever.

With this recognition of my unity with the creative power of the universe in mind, I speak my word affirming that which I see as true for me now. I am whole, complete and perfect. I move forward in my life in balance and harmony. I face fear as it arises in me and move to it and through it as the illusion it is in truth. I take time today and each day to touch the creative power of the universe within myself. And in this touching I accept myself as whole, complete and perfect, as I know I am in truth.

Thank you creative power for informing me with your presence. I accept your power as my own and use it now and always for the highest good. Gratefully I release these words into your loving presence, knowing they are true and manifest even before they are spoken.

So it is and so I let it be. Amen

(Originally published on SharePrayer 7/11/00)

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Perfect Right Action

Chatter dies
Heart opens

I am truth in action ...

For You to open to the fullness of life within and around you and to know you are a gift to the world and to affirm however you choose to express this gift in the world is perfect right action.

I close my eyes to the stimulus of the outer world and relax into the center of my being. I allow doubts and fears to rise into my awareness and then let them go; I continue doing this in rhythm with my breath; I breathe in Love and breathe out all that would block me from accepting Love ... As this continues in my subconscious, I turn my conscious attention to the miracle of creation itself.

I know there is one universe, one creation and I am part of it. I know that the intelligence creating the whole universe is the same intelligence creating me right now. There can be no separation between me and the intelligence, ever! That is impossible.

I take this truth to my heart and it feels good. As I care for and watch over this mighty truth it opens and unfolds for me. Yes, I am one with the intelligence, the power, creating the universe. I have this very same intelligence and power in me right now. I am using this intelligence and power to create my life just as I use air, water and food to create my physical body. I relax and let life happen naturally and easily as I take a moment to reflect on who I am and where I'm going.

I relax into my heart. Here I stop for a moment to listen to my inner, feeling voice. I release the chatter from my mind into the void. I am at home in my heart and I listen and look and accept the truth I find in the center of my being. I choose to take responsibility for my life, so I take this time to look ahead to my destination ...

I accept my ability to choose what my life looks like. I accept my ability to plot my course to whatever destination I choose. I accept the truth that I have co-created my life up to now with the intelligence and laws of the universe. I am creating my life right now; I have the ability to choose to create it consciously or subconsciously. In this beautiful, full, inspired moment I choose to consciously create the life I am inspired to create. I consciously release my doubt, my fear, my ignorance, my feelings of inadequacy, shame, guilt, unworthiness and hopelessness. I consciously embrace the universal intelligence from the heart of my being and the guidance that flows freely from the source, through my heart, into my mind, body and actions.

I declare that life is good; that life is full of peace and grace. I align myself with the inner wisdom that always awaits my attention; I listen, I hear, I act from this place. My head is now the servant of my heart and I know true happiness. I spontaneously and passionately shout, "YES, I Love myself and myself Loves the world!"

Feelings of compassion and gratitude well up in my heart as I release the imaginary walls of my self-created prison. I see the truth, I hear the truth, I feel the truth, I accept the truth, I speak the truth, I live the truth in all ways. I am truth in action.

These words from my heart I release into the heart of the universe and know they are so now and forevermore. So it is and so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 5/18/97)

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