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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Use Inner Resources to Attract

I move forward with confidence and humility ...

For activating those inner resources that move us forward on our true path attracting to us all the outer resources we need to fulfill our divine calling.

Here I am, sitting. I take a deep breath and let it go... Here I am sitting and breathing, watching the thoughts flow through my mind. Consciously I choose to stop the flow of thoughts and focus my awareness on sitting and breathing... I feel the rhythm of breath merging with heart... I move my body and find a comfortable position... My attention is on my body and the life it celebrates... I am a self contained representation of the Universe. Now I am ready to pray:

One power, one presence, one creator of all that exists filling the universe with itself; one evolving, changing, moving Spirit becoming more and more complex and conscious as it moves eternally into infinity. Yes, this is the vision that fills me in this moment as I realize this is true within me and all around me in this moment as I sit here breathing, watching, listening to my life, my self.

I am a singular representation of this oneness that encompasses all life, I am a self-contained expression of the Creator of the universe, co-creating my life with Creator. I accept this knowledge and choose to consciously use it now to manifest my deepest desire to bring myself forward totally and completely into realization of my full potential. With this thought held strongly in mind I speak my word:

I accept the presence of the divine muse in me totally and completely in this moment. I affirm the presence of all that I need to move forward on my chosen path. I feel deeply the gift to the world my business is and call to me the resources necessary for it to continue and to flourish. I open myself to recognize this in whatever form it takes and align myself with Spirit, one Spirit within all that come forward to help. I recognize my special gifts and share them happily with the world. I place this thought in Spirit's mind: that ways open for this gift of mine, this gift I am in truth, to work its magic in the world; that I am open as to how this looks in form, but it is dynamic, deep and moving for everyone that I come into relationship with as I move through the world being totally and truly my authentic self. I accept the Love, Power, Peace, Beauty, Light, Joy that Spirit is in truth as my truth now and always. I express these qualities in all that I do and find happiness, prosperity and fulfillment in the process.

Gratitude is a simple word for the complex feelings filling me now as I contemplate the meaning of this prayer, and thank you Spirit within for filling me with strength, faith and presence of mind. I move forward with confidence and humility, with an attitude of gratitude for all that is given me.

I release this word into the law that always says Yes, and relax knowing that as it is spoken, felt, accepted, believed, so it is manifested in the world now. So, it is and so I let it be.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 4/8/06)

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Monday, May 28, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Memorial Day

I stand strong for universal peace, harmony and balance ...

Honoring all those that put principle and the community welfare above their personal comfort knowing that by doing so they create a more harmonious, peaceful world for their children and their children's children.

Sitting here I relax and ponder the meaning of this day... I notice the gentle rhythm of my breath ... I feel the sunlight through the window ... I watch my thoughts as they flow through my mind ... I focus my attention on the topic for the day ...

I choose to begin at the beginning with that one spirit that moves through all creation ... I feel the presence of the original intelligence from which the universe springs forth in me right now. I know this same spirit is present in all that exists moving forward with the original creative intelligence ... I relax into this constant flow of evolution knowing this interconnection is true for all that exists.

Knowing that this oneness is true, I know in truth there is truly harmony, peace and balance throughout this whole world. It lives in the hearts of each and every living being; in truth it can be no other way because we all have the same original intelligence moving us forward in life. We come from one creator and live in an interconnected web of life with all Nature.

And yet we find war, poverty, slavery, exploitation, dominance, genocide, murder, and many other acts of destruction between people. This prayer is to recognize all those that stand up and move forward believing in the truth in their heart that we are meant to live in peace and mutual prosperity. Honoring interconnectedness each one moves into discomfort and danger to move us toward the realization of this goal, this basic truth that truly is born with each being as they enter this world.

I feel great respect and honor as I think on all the warriors both civil and military that stand strong in memory for their sacrifices. I know each and everyone is moved forward with a deep belief and respect in their heart for the peace, harmony and balance of life on earth and do what it takes to bring it to realization for all people everywhere. I feel this truth in my heart and harmonize with it as I move forward in life. I stand strong for peace, harmony and balance in the world. I accept a more harmonious, peaceful world for the children and their children's children...

I am grateful for the peace and power of spirit I feel active in, through and all around me now. I say thank you creator of life for filling us with this inborn ability to create peace, balance and harmony easily, naturally wherever we are and to enjoy it with all around us and to stand strong in the face of those that attempt to deny our basic rights.

And so I release this word to the creative medium of spirit which always says yes to life, peace, light, joy, love, beauty and power.

So I let it be and so it is. Blessed are We!

(Originally published on SharePrayer 5/31/04)

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Remember the Love

I welcome divine Love in my life now ...

For One to remember the love that brought Them and their Partner together and focus on the truth that love represents, thereby accepting the peace, joy and love of God into heart, home, everyday experience.

Purposefully I sit and relax ... I set aside all thoughts of this day's activities ... I sit and I breathe easily and naturally ... I look within and feel ... I feel my connection to the earth ... I feel the air flowing through my lungs energizing my body ... I feel my muscles relax ... I feel my connection to something beyond this body ... I feel an expansiveness that reaches beyond this self ... I feel my true place in the universe and my connection with God ... God, the Intelligence creating everything there is in the universe ... God, the creative energy in me, in my Partner, in my family, in all I see, feel, know ...

I know I am one with the power, presence and love of God right here and now. I know this oneness is constant and unchangeable. I know when I am in this place with God that my thoughts, feelings and words are creative in scope and impact. So, I choose to consciously speak my word now, claiming that which I see as truth beyond any apparent differences.

I remember the magical feelings that brought Us together ... I remember the glow, the smile, the sparkle ... I remember all the little things ... and I remember all the big things ... Plans and parties, passion and play, pranks and prayers, peace and purpose ... and in all this remembering I am moved to once again feel all the love present in our relationship. I feel the goodness that comes forward in this relationship; I feel the strength, commitment and compassion that wells up easily and naturally in this time of peaceful contemplation. I hold this as the truth now and always.

I know that I am the gift, I know that God moves through me and acts through me to bring all into being. So, now I relax, and let go and let God guide me forward ... let God guide my Partner forward ... knowing that each of us move unerringly toward that fulfillment that is our purpose here. I trust, I release, I accept, I welcome divine Love in my life now and always. I return to this quiet contemplation easily and naturally whenever I need to check in with my personal power through connection with God.

Grateful I am for this feeling of power, presence, peace I have now; grateful I am as I release my attachments to universal law knowing in truth all is right in the world. So it is and so I let it be, always.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 6/28/00)

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Parent's Love for Ill Child

My child is a bright light, happy, peaceful, powerful ...

For Parent and Child to know the Love of God guides them, moves them, supports them through this time of physical illness to knowing, feeling, experiencing that perfect Love that is in every one's heart.

Gently I relax into this moment with a big breath ... As I continue breathing, I visualize Love entering my body and all that is unlike love leaving with my exhale ... I continue this visualization and then extend it to include my child ... My body relaxes into love ... my mind relaxes into Love ... My thoughts relax into Love ...

In this atmosphere of Love I feel the presence of God ... I know this presence is everywhere equally present in the whole universe and it is here with me now. I know and affirm the omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience of this loving presence I call God. In this moment I release any feeling of separation and merge into the oneness of the presence of God and in mind take my child with me. We are one with the warmth and nurturing power, presence, peace of God.

Here I acknowledge the power of my thoughts to create that which serves my highest good, the highest good of my family and the highest good of my community. So I speak my word claiming that ideal situation that moves us forward into a bright, beautiful experience of the world. I feel the love I am immersed in and mentally spread it to everyone that comes to mind ... There is unlimited supply and it flows around me and through me and all my loved ones. My child is in the center, bright light, happy, peaceful, powerful ... Love knows no bounds, Love knows only Love and in truth love is everywhere present.

Where Love is, Life is. Where Life is, Light is. Where Light is, Joy is. Where Joy is, Peace is. Where Peace is, Beauty is. Where Beauty is, Power is. Where Power is, I am. And I use this power to bring healing into this situation. I use this power to bring strength and courage to this situation. I use this power to affirm the highest good, and see the truth in this and every situation.

Thank you God for being with me now and always. I am so grateful for this time I take today and each day to be with you, in me. I accept the ungoingness of life and love and peace and beauty that you bring naturally and easily into my life and my family's life. Thank you for illuminating me and my child in this time of need.

I release these words into the ever present Law of Love knowing they are true and manifest even before they are spoken. And so it is and so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 6/29/00)

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Couple Enjoys Peace, Happiness

I align my energy with the energies of the Universe ...

For You and your Beloved to know that potential within so completely and thoroughly that it oozes out in all your thoughts, words and deeds, bringing peace, joy and happiness to you and those around you.

Trusting the One Power of the Universe, relax and let your thoughts go to that place within that connects each one to the Whole. Feel your heart beating and your lungs expanding and contracting. We are aligned with the flow of the Universe; in this moment sense that the universe also breathes, expanding and contracting ... We are specks in the vast wholeness of the universe but we are creative specks looking out from this center of consciousness to view the whole as a movie projector looks out on its work. I find joy in this vision and am inspired to speak these words for the benefit of my beloved and myself to tap into this great, wonderful creative energy on a consistent, ungoing, always basis.

We are two peas in the pod ready to spring open and sprout and grow into the wholeness that lies dormant within us. I know and affirm that the plan of the Great Spirit is for us to sprout and grow and prosper through expressing the great potential lying within us. I declare this to be the Truth. I choose to align my energy with the energies of the Universe and to grow along those lines set forth in my beginnings and to hold my beloved's hand as we traverse this space and time together into infinite eternity.

Fear appears to be all around us, in and through us; I speak these words now to recognize these feelings and to hold them up to the clear light of the Oneness that is truly all around us and through us. In this clear light I can see no fear; I can feel no fear in this clear understanding for we are embraced by the One Great Spirit and all I know in this light is Love. Yes, I allow the courage and peace and enthusiasm that flows constantly from this Love to fill my being with Light; being filled with Light, all obstacles and encrustations of past memories and beliefs dissolve and disappear into the nothingness from which they arose. All appearance of separation is dissolved and we are free to be as we were born: Creative beings here to discover happiness in physical form and in sharing our selves with one another.

Creativity abounds in each one of us as individuals, and as a couple, in this relationship. The mysteries of Life are revealed for all to see through the expression of two working as one. Overcoming the struggle and doubt and occasional feelings of separation is part of the revelation and are merely small steps on a very long path. I recognize that and agree to keep moving through the difficult terrain knowing that we are becoming stronger and the promised land will be the more beautiful for the difficulties we encounter along the way.

Happily I accept this time in our life for I know it is the threshold of eternal happiness. I accept this and bless this with great gratitude for all the peace, joy and happiness that are ours now even as we uncover just the smallest glimpses of this wonderful truth: Life is Good, truly Good and we are born to be full active participants in this Goodness.

These words are now released to the Great Spirit, to the flow of the universe where they are already manifest in this world. And so I let it be; and so it is.

Blessed are We!

(Originally published on SharePrayer 6/3/97)

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Infinite Compassion of Mother's Love

I am able to be me now ...

For You to feel the support of the Mother of us all and to relax into her cradling arms and release all resistance into the infinite compassion of Mother's love ...

I am one with the infinite Mother, I am one with Love ... I relax into these words and the melody that goes with them ... I know I am contained in an infinite womb of creation and caring and nurturing ... for I am born of woman and in infinite space I live ... as I know this is true of me, I know and affirm it is true for everyone and most especially You ...

I know there is one power, one Spirit everywhere equally present in this space, enlivening and activating all that exists to be just what it is ... the effect of Father time is everywhere, unfolding eternal creation within infinite space ... I feel this Spirit in me now and know and affirm It is present in everything else, most especially You ...

I know life, existence, space and time are not static or stationary in any way ... We exist in an evolving universe and change is the only constant ... I know this is true as I sit here now for me ... and I know and affirm it is true for everything in space and time ... most especially You ...

I know that beneath all the dark mysteries in life there is light ... the ground of our being is light, that spark that first enlivens movement in infinite space is light ... in whatever darkness that assails my body ... in whatever darkness that clouds my mind ... I know the light is burning away at it, to dissolve and dissipate it as the sun evaporates the fog on a summer morning ... I place my awareness in my heart, the home of the Sun within me ... I open this window to the universal light, the ever present Father to warm me, cradled in Mother's arms ... I feel the warmth of the Father coming to me through my heart and the heart of Mother ...

I am one with the infinite, eternal goodness of existence ... I am one with the wholeness, completeness, perfectness of the whole ... I release all that is artificial and illusory into the allness and accept myself as whole, complete and perfect ... now and forevermore ... I know and affirm this is true for all that speak this, hear this, feel this, know this within themselves ... most especially You ...

Thank you Spirit within for bringing these words and feelings and knowings to me now in my time of need ... I accept your warmth, your compassion, your power into my life and body now and am washed clean ... I release that which holds me down into the flow of your love and know I am able ... able to be free now ... able to be me now ... able to express myself fully now ... able to claim health and wealth in all areas of life now ... able, yes, able! ... able to claim that which serves my highest good and the highest good of my community as real and present now ...

From the unknown we come and into the unknown we return ... I release these words into the mystery knowing they are true and effective even before they are spoken ... and so it is and so I let it be ...

Blessed are we!

(Originally published on SharePrayer 8/28/97)

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Project Guidance

Thank you God for your constant presence ...

For You to be one with the perfect unfolding of each project you are involved in; knowing that the Mind of God inspires you, and each party involved, to divine right action for the highest good of all concerned.

Breathing deeply I relax ... Yes there is one God, one Intelligence, one Presence everywhere equally present in all the universe ... I breathe this awareness in and I breathe it out ... In this action I align myself with the natural unfoldment of Life ... I align myself with the master plan ... I breathe naturally and easily ... relaxing into a peaceful communion with God ...

Being one with God and the natural unfolding of the universe, I consciously choose to listen to and follow the inspiration that comes freely and easily in this meditative state. I know these ideas, that bubble up from my heart, guide me truly; so I take care to release my busy mind and just breathe ... I let go of concern and worry and turn my attention to the naturalness of breathing. Here I feel my heart beating and acknowledge this part of my body as a metaphorical connecting point to the larger universe; to God. As I place my attention here, I find a peace and naturalness beyond the busyness; I find a depth beyond the immediate; I find connection to divine purpose.

I accept this feeling of solidness, of a firm foundation. I breathe into it ... I move into it and immerse myself in it. Here I am safe; here I am sure; here I am secure. Here I affirm the rightness of my actions and the unfolding of my work in the world. I know I am guided, inspired and motivated by this inner foundation; this inner connection to the divine unfoldment. And knowing this for myself, I know this for each one involved with me in these projects. We are a team, a community, an alliance to bring forth this work and the good that comes with it. I relax into this knowledge and am happy. I accept this feeling, this knowing and move forward inspired by and grounded in the truth.

Thank you God for your constant presence. I know I am never alone. I accept your guidance, presence and power now and always as I move in the world. I say Thank You each day for your gifts. And release these words into your loving presence knowing they are true and manifest even before they are spoken; for this is the way of the Law. And so it is and so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 6/26/00)

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Inner Beauty, Perfect Health, Mate

I accept Spirit as my inspiration and my guide 100% ...

For You to radiate the inner beauty that Spirit is, revealing perfect health and attracting the perfect mate.

One Spirit, One Life, One Love everywhere equally present; present in my breath, in the breeze, in the swaying leaves, in the clouds and in the sunlight gently reaching over the hill bringing light to this new day.

Easily I sit here contemplating the movement of Spirit. Spirit, Life, Love is right here where I am, moving my thoughts, moving my fingers, moving my emotions that cry out with Joy as I feel and accept this sacred connection. I know there is one Mind and that I am a unique expression of this Mind as we all are. So, in this moment of conscious union with Mind I choose to speak knowing these words are Creative and Powerful.

I claim and declare the truth: That Life is good! That Spirit moves everywhere! That I am one with Spirit! I feel this Truth deeply, profoundly in this moment! ... I breathe in slow and full and then let it go completely. ... I do this again and again. ... I reflect silently on my thoughts, my words and my feelings. ... The chatter slows and my mind clears. ... Awareness of the One Mind I am immersed in becomes more clear. ... I sense my inborn purpose and see my path before me. ... I relax and watch. ... I listen. ... I feel deep stirring within. ... I let everything go in this moment. ...

Peacefully I know the natural home of Spirit is where I am right now. ... I feel such clarity and beauty that I am humbled. ... Spirit flows so easily and naturally through me, with me, that decisions are made naturally and easily. ... I confidently move forward one step at a time. ... I am healthy and beautiful! ... Spirit shines through me, as me and I feel Good! ...

I open to sharing this wonderful Life totally with one special person. ... I breathe in slow and full and let it go completely again and again. ... I let my thoughts go. ... I am open and ready to accept my mate ... Naturally! ... Easily! ... Fully! ... I step forward with an attitude of attraction, knowing I have set in motion a divine process that will be completed perfectly.

Thank you Spirit for loving support, nurturing expression and free inspiration. I look in my heart and there you are encouraging me to be me and to live my life naturally, easily, fully. I accept You as my inspiration and my guide 100%. My gratitude is unbounded as I let these words flow today and let your energy move freely through me. Faithfully yours, I let you fill me with Love as I enthusiastically, confidently and happily enjoy my Life. As it is spoken, so it is done. And so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 7/3/97)

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Friday, May 04, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Prosperous Negotiations

I see Spirit within those on the other side ...

For harmonious, prosperous and unity-filled resolution of negotiations.

Sitting and breathing... Breathing and sitting... Here I am ready to relax and affirm my good, our good... So, I just continue breathing and relaxing into this moment... Relaxing into my center where Spirit and I connect...

One Spirit, one life, one creative intelligence filling all space and time with itself. Moving out from the beginning of time and space, constantly changing and evolving, Spirit is all there is in the universe in truth.

I breathe deeply and relax into the realization that Spirit and I are one and that the creative intelligence that fills the universe with itself fills me now. I choose to use this intelligence to affirm and cocreate with Spirit the life I see in my mind's eye. So, I speak my word now to claim that which I desire.

As I sit in negotiations I am able to relax into conscious connection with Spirit within me. In this way I am constantly refreshed and bolstered by the strength, compassion and clarity I find here, in my center, through my connection with Spirit. I am able to bring harmony to the table through my thoughtful input that comes easily through my connection with Spirit; this leads to unity as we work together for the best possible result that serves everyone equally and fairly. As we sit at the table, I am able to see Spirit within those on the other side and am able to communicate Spirit to Spirit on the important matters before us. I affirm that all I do is for the highest good of all, the harm of none and that this is all accomplished easily, naturally, with grace and ease.

I am grateful for the respect I feel inside for Spirit within all existence and I relax and say thank you for the guidance, power, acceptance and love I feel in me now. I relax and let it be, knowing and affirming only good prevails.

I release this word into the creative process, the law that always says yes, and relax assured that what starts well, ends well, and so I let it be and so it is.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 4/1/06)

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