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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Release Resistance, Accept Goodness

I accept the truth of my goodness now!

For You to release your resistance to accepting the truth of your goodness.

Sitting, breathing, relaxing, watching, listening... I slowly melt into the present moment... I feel the earth beneath me, the air around me, the sky above me... I slowly merge with all that is...

One power, one presence, one Creator of all existence is present in this moment. I feel the power in the beating of my heart... I feel the presence in the inspiration and exhalation of my breath... I see Creator in all around me and I hear Creator in the still, small voice within that guides me on my path...

I accept the truth that Creator and I are one, we are united now and always, it can be no other way because all existence is the expression of Creator. In this moment of unification with Creator I claim that inborn ability to create as Creator does, being one with Creator in truth. So, I speak my word from this place of deep connection with the creative power and presence that fills me and all around me. In truth we are one.

I accept the truth of my goodness now! I release and let go of all that blocks me from complete, total, unconditional acceptance of my goodness. I express myself easily and fully from this deep connection with Creator with family, friends and in the world. I am self assured and easy going as I feel this power and presence within guiding, supporting and nurturing me, as it constantly affirms my goodness. My goodness is evident for all to see and when I am acknowledged, I simply say "thank you" and accept the compliment as the truth--because it is! I accept myself with humility and love, just as I accept those around me. Wherever I look I see Creator looking back at me with love, peace, joy, power, beauty, peace, light, life and an overflowing goodness that washes over me highlighting my own inherent goodness.

I pause now and say thank you Creator for showing me myself in you and how I am created with all your qualities built-in. This time in connection with you opens my eyes, my heart, my mind to the goodness that is right here, right now, always and I am very, very grateful. Thank You!

In this very moment I release this word to Law and know it is true and manifest in my life now! So I let it be and so it is...

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 3/31/06)

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Enjoy Life as it Appears Every Moment

I happily accept my unique role in wholeness ...

For You to know divine perfection beyond all appearances and to rejoice in Life as it appears in every moment.

I gently center myself ... feeling myself settle into this chair ... feeling my chest and abdomen gently move as my breath flows in and out ... watching my mind peacefully thinking these thoughts ... gradually releasing all attachment ... In this very moment I feel an overwhelming presence of Love welling up inside me; it starts as a warm tingly feeling in my gut and slowly rises through my abdomen to my heart and continues through my throat and head to overflow and bathe me in a golden light. I calmly see this, feel this, accept this. I know there is one Life, one Light, one universal expression that is here with me now. I am consciously immersed in the Oneness of the universe, there is no separation.

As I speak these words aloud I know the perfect presence of the Creator is with me. And I know and declare that as this Intelligence is perfect so am I; there can be nothing else but perfection in this very moment; this moment that, in truth, is eternal and everlasting.

I find my Truth here as I read this prayer aloud. I feel the Joy, Peace, Power, Beauty, and all the wonderful expressions of Love that flow in infinite measure from the Creator as me in this moment. I feel this and so much more that exists in perfect harmony in this perfect creation we all share.

As I contemplate this experience I know it is true; I feel my lips move and my eyes read; I follow the thoughts that come spontaneously to my mind; I sense the wonderful intelligence that enables grass seed to grow grass and cherry stones to make cherries moving through me now; there is an innocence and purity to this contemplation that I know is true, more true than any appearance to the contrary. Life is truly good! I accept and affirm this truth with a deep, abiding faith in this eternal moment, again and again. I allow this feeling to sink into my deepest, darkest recesses bringing light to all the dark places; darkness and negativity are no longer at home in my light filled body or in my joy filled life!

Yes! Thank you Spirit for flowing through me gently and easily leaving behind the light of truth equally throughout my being. I happily accept my unique role in the wholeness, completeness, oneness of life now.

I take these words, these feelings, this profound faith and I release them to natural evolution of creation, knowing their truth resounds for the benefit of all. And so I let it be; and so it is!


(Originally published on SharePrayer 2/1/98)

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Perfect Relationship

As I speak with love and acceptance, so it is ...

For You to know that all relationship begins within with unconditional acceptance of self and works out from there as unconditional love -- and in this movement all is healed.

As I quiet my mind and let my thoughts slow down and go deep within I sense a presence, a light, a warm glow deep inside me. I know this presence is Father/Mother God -- that perfect relationship of female and male that is the source of all existence, of all life, of me and of you. I feel comforted by knowing I am connected with my source always and that through this consciousness of oneness I am connected with everything and everyone in the universe. I am comforted and empowered by this knowledge, by this deep feeling. I know my words have creative effect in this oneness right here and now, immediately.

In this expanded consciousness I choose to speak my word now. I consciously affirm:

Knowing this oneness deep inside I am filled with love, the greatest power of the universe.

I love the expression of life that I am;

I love the life in all that I see;

I unconditionally accept this truth in my life now ...

Overpowered by this sense of unconditional love for myself and all around me, I gratefully let go of all expectations and accept life as whole, complete and perfect just as it is. I look beyond pain and uncertainty and frustration and disappointment and anger and all the difficult and painful appearances in my life to that which is true and good and is the foundation all else is built upon.

Life is good before, beyond, below, above, through all the conditions that make up life. Love, passion, creativity flow naturally through me with each breath I take ... Love comes in so many forms, sometimes my breath is taken away and I stumble and gasp; but I quickly recover and find Life is good, whole and complete just as it is, in truth, in this moment and every moment.

I quickly move forward on my path, using the energy I feel within me now to keep my feet and heart and head moving together toward my goals of health, wealth and happiness gained through right action ...

I love life, I love myself, I love that natural expression of spirit through me, as me. Now, with a profound sense of gratitude and joy I peacefully let these words go, knowing the Intelligence creating the universe acts upon them instantaneously and I am healed. As it is spoken with love and acceptance, so it is.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 11/29/97)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Marriage Confusion

I accept the clarity of true Love ...

For a married person to gain clarity and one-mindedness in their relationship with a spouse giving mixed messages about their commitment to the marriage.

I am confused and dazed by a whirlwind of thoughts mixing up my mind ... I breathe deeply and exhale with a sigh ... Focusing my attention on my breath, I am brought into the present moment and the orderliness of time marching on in a steady beat ... my breath is regular and even, and it joins the march ... I feel my heart adding its rhythm to the forward movement ... The whirlwind is gone now and I am at one with the rhythm of life.

I relax into the fullness of this moment and focus my awareness on the power that is behind all this activity in me. As I relax into the question ... I find there is an intelligence operating in me that is greater than me alone. This power is in everything and everyone around me. This power is in the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees; it is in you and it is in me; there is no place this power is not. Spirit, God, Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, The Great Spirit, Goddess are a few of the many names this power is known by. Named or nameless, it is always right here where I am. I know it, I feel it, I accept it.

Being one with the creative power of the universe, I choose to speak my word knowing it is creative and causative in the world. I claim for myself and for my spouse only the highest good; that good which furthers each of us on our individual and collective paths to the fulfillment of our purpose here in the world. I know we are drawn together to serve the greatest good. I know that our separation serves our highest purpose. As I relax into this precious time, immersed in Spirit, I let go of the question "Why?" and enter the movement of time with a clear heart and mind.

I feel the power of Spirit in me and I know this same power is with my spouse. I move forward with this power and affirm the same for my spouse. As I focus on the good that comes from our relationship I realize we are immersed in Spirit's love. Love is the common bond that holds us together now and forever, even as individuals with separate lives to live.

I release my expectations and desires to the wisdom of Spirit and follow Love's guidance in all my thoughts, words and actions. I accept the clarity that comes with this decision and remember it always. I know Love is true and that Love's purposes are served regardless of outcome.

I have spoken my heart and release these words to Spirit's Law knowing all is good, true and manifest now. So I let it be and so it is.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 6/29/99)

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Healing Multiple Ailments

I accept myself for the gift I am ...

For a person with multiple ailments to be one with the healing power of Spirit within.

I relax into this day with a deep breath. In the rhythm of my breathing I find comfort. The rhythm of life is bringing energy from the air to my body. I feel my heart beating, taking this energy throughout my body. I relax and let this happen. I relax and know I am taken care of by my autonomic nervous system.

I relax into this moment with a deep look at myself. In the flow of my thoughts I find a consistent theme of hopelessness and pain. I let those thoughts go and look deeper, deeper into my mind. I find my mind merges with a larger Mind that reaches far beyond the confines of my body. This Mind extends forever into eternity. Here I find peace. Here I enter a flow of creativity and possibility. Here I see and feel the beauty and joy of life. Here I enter an inexhaustible realm of power and growth. I relax and know I am one with the Creator of all that exists.

Here in the creative center of the universe I am consciously one with all that exists. I am consciously one with the creative power of the universe. I know my thoughts and words are causative in the world of effects now. I carefully choose my thoughts and words to reflect the positive changes I accept into my experience now. I look at pain and discomfort and move my attention and awareness through them to the illumination they attempt to block. I know Spirit is behind all things and I move easily and completely into Spirit's embrace and am filled with light and joy. Life is rich in its fullness and abundance and I accept this now.

I am grateful for the presence of Spirit in each and every health care provider and I accept their gifts wholeheartedly; I follow Spirit's advice and prescriptions with enthusiasm and am blessed with immediate rewards. With the light shining brightly from within, I know in truth, beyond all appearances, I am whole, perfect and complete. I see this reflected in the eyes of those around me and I affirm this truth for them also. I accept myself for the gift I am to the world, to my community and to my family. We are all one in Spirit, one with the Creator of all that exists...

Thank you Spirit for the gift of life; thank you Creator for your constant activity of creation and change as I cocreate with you a positive, healthy life. I accept your goodness into my life and make it my own, now and forever more.

I release these words into the creative process knowing they are true and manifest. So it is and so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 6/28/99)

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Peace in Wake of Killings

I hold the high watch for lives changed by violence ...

To bring peace, understanding conciliation to the families and community effected by the shootings Monday.

Taking a moment to breathe ... to allow this natural rhythm to establish its normal pattern ... I sit in the sunlight and allow my mind to focus its attention on the oneness of life ...

One creator, one beginning from which all flows forth in unending creativity. One intelligence, one expression of love and life. One source pouring forth creation into a waiting void suddenly animated and filled with the glorious expression of life, love, happiness.

I hold this image dear as I sit here in the sunlight feeling this presence within me and all around me. I relax, I breathe, I affirm the goodness, completeness of this life giving Spirit coming to us with many names but one purpose, to remind us that in truth we are all one. In truth there is no, can be no, separation of one from the other.

Here in this moment I am filled with grief and sadness that any individual can break this bond and bring death to itself and many other expressions of divinity. I am overcome with emotion at the thought of death and destruction. Then I remember to breathe again, to bring that gentle rhythm back into my experience. To feel the sunlight, the air, the touch of my feet on the floor, the solidness of the earth, the love of my family, the joy that lives in the heart of all, in truth, and I am brought fully into this moment, with its wholeness and perfection intact.

Here I grieve for what has happened, and hold each one effected in my thoughts of love and wholeness and oneness with the divine. Here I hold the high watch remembering the truth of those that have departed to the realms beyond this life and send them my love. Here I hold the high watch for those whose lives have been changed forever by this random act of violence and know with and for them their wholeness, completeness and perfection through this incredible change.

Here I express gratitude for the oneness of life that allows me to be a support from many miles away because in truth there is no time or space; we are one living whole held in the love of the creator of all, and here I express gratitude for the contribution of the many parts to the fullness of life in this moment.

Now it is time to release this word into the mind of the creator where it is acted upon even as it is spoken, bringing comfort, love, a sense of the divine to each and everyone in need, wherever they are. As it is spoken in truth, so it is in life.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 4/17/07)

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Law of Attraction -- For the Newly Wed Couple

Each day I choose ...

To honor and remember the moment We take each other into Our hearts as One -- as friends, lovers and lifetime partners.

Relaxing into this day's sounds I take this time to reflect on life. Breathing deeply and evenly I let go of all thoughts except those of breathing. I watch my breath and relax. I allow my awareness to leave the superficial and go deep into my heart; the rhythm of my breath takes me there one step at a time ...

Here I pause and look around. I see in my mind's eye that the feeling, the knowing here deep in my center is universal in nature. There is one creator of all that is. All creation is centered in the same source. I relax into this center in me now, in this moment. This moment is timeless and spaceless in truth and I let go of all else, relaxing into the center of life ...

Here I know my words and thoughts are one with the creative source of life and I choose them carefully and speak them clearly as I choose my path to happiness and fulfillment in this life ...

I choose you, my friend, my lover, my partner to move forward in life as one committed couple. I choose to take your hand as we move together through the veils of illusion that appear to block us from our true expression and happiness to that destination that is so vivid in mind now. I choose a lifetime of fun, feeling, philosophy and frontiering with you, dear one. I Love you unconditionally; I accept you as you are.

And I am so grateful for the strength of Spirit I feel in this moment, here in the center of creation, here within me. I accept within myself all the qualities of Spirit and express them easily and naturally. I am Love, Light, Joy, Peace, Beauty, Power and Life itself and I know you are all this, too. And joined together in this Holy Commitment, we are more than this.

Well, my love, I release these words into the center of life, knowing they are true even before being spoken. So it is and so I let it be.

Blessed Be

(This is written with my friends in mind, read it slowly, peacefully, passionately; feel it with your body, your mind and your inborn Spirit; share it with your friend. The more you feel in yourself the truth in the prayer, the more you will experience that truth in your life; and your friends in their life. Use the affirmation at the top to remind you of the truth you have claimed throughout each day.)

(Originally published on SharePrayer 6/21/98)

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Law of Attraction -- For Healing of Cancer

My acceptance and gratitude go hand in hand ...

For healing of cancer.

Silently I sit here in the morning light contemplating the variety of human experience. Cancer, why is there cancer in our experience? What is behind the experience of our flesh displacing our flesh?

I breathe deeply and relax into the oneness of life I feel all around me ... I relax into the question in my mind as I continue breathing in an easy full manner ... I let go of all thoughts except that we are all one in truth ... I sense the constant flow of life around me and through me ... I relax deeper into this flow and let it carry me with it ...

These words come easily and naturally to me in this relaxed flowing state. I am one with the primordial flow of life and creation. Everything here works together in unfolding, growing, evolving, becoming, being, expression of that one Intelligence from which all existence springs. Each bit around me is separate but we are all part of this same flow. I resist the temptation to move against the flow and instead relax further into the present moment. I allow my thought to embrace the goodness I feel in this free flowing environment. I allow my body to accept its place in this flow of goodness.

I face my fear of being swept away by uncontrollable forces and take charge of my experience. I look at the appearance of cancer and then look through it to the wholeness I know I am in truth. I relax into this looking and feel the wholeness, the completeness, the perfectness of the truth of my being behind, before, beyond any temporary temporal experience I have here on earth. I accept the gift of life and self-reflection for the wondrous gift it is and relax into the flow of Goodness I am now immersed in.

I am one with the present moment and I know, beyond all doubt, that creation begins now, with my thought of wholeness and full self expression. I let go of the past and leave it be as I focus on the creativity present in me right now, in this moment. I nurture and cultivate an attitude of creative power initiated within me in this moment of realization. Yes, I am one with the creative power of the universe. Yes, I am a self reflective spiritual being having a human experience and Yes, I am in charge of this experience. Yes, I am able to cocreate my experience of life using my connection with the universal Intelligence that is creating the world around me. Yes, my mind is a creative force in the universe because it is one with the universal mind.

The healing power of these words crosses all boundaries and are limitless, touching cancer everywhere in my body, transforming those aberrant, renegade, destructive cells into normal, supportive, constructive cells. I relax into this process as one by one each aberrant cell receives the light of truth and is transformed. I pull this body into harmony naturally, easily, inexorably for this is the truth that is the ground of my being and is the ground of all creation. I see this truth, I feel this truth, I hear this truth, I know this truth, I believe this truth, I live this truth, I am this truth, now and forevermore.

I am so thankful for this realization and experience of the creative power I am. My acceptance and gratitude go hand in hand as I move forward from this moment embracing the truth, creating a full, happy, healthy life now.

I release these words into the creative process, into the law of life, and am happy for I know this experience is so now and forevermore. So it is, and so I let it be.

Blessed are we!

(Originally published on SharePrayer 5/31/97)

Friday, April 06, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Love is the Answer

I am Love immersed in Love ...

For You to know, feel and embrace Love as the answer, Love as the way, Love as the power, to use in facing all apparent difficulties in this world.

I breathe deep and relax into this moment ... I sit here and let go of everything except the experience of Love ... I breathe deep and relax into the depths of my being ... I sit here and experience only Love ... I let go of each thought rising in my mind and then there is only Love ...

I am immersed in a sea of Love ... I see only Love ... I feel only Love ... I think only Love ... I am Love ... Love is all there is ... I am Love immersed in Love ...

With Love everywhere in my world, as my world, my oneness with the divine is undeniable ... the divine and I are one, manifesting as Love in this holy moment. I feel this ... I see this ... I accept this ... I know this and move now as Love. I am connected in this wonderful Oneness with all creation ... I am one with the stars, the sun, the moon, the flowers, the grass, the birds flying through the sky, and most of all with the Intelligence creating all there is.

Immersed in the immensity of creation and my being One with all there is, I open now to thoughts of my family and my extended family. I open my heart and let each one into this Love filled experience and in this moment know only Love ... I give Love, I receive Love ... there is only room for Love in this moment. I relax ... I let go ... I let this soak in ... feeling the true Love behind all appearances ... In mind I embrace each member of my family ... I feel the true connection beyond all appearances ... we are one in Love. My heart opens and forgiveness floods in. In this experience of Oneness only peace, acceptance, love and Spirit prevail.

Accepting this as the spiritual truth behind all appearances in my life, I relax with Spirit as my source and as my guide. I know Love is the answer ... I know Love is the solution ... I let go of all expectations of outcome and let Spirit bring only good into my life ... I expect nothing and receive everything I require. I do nothing but stay with thoughts of Love and follow my heart easily and naturally. I affirm and accept life is good now! With a grateful heart I release these words into the Law of Love as truth already manifested. And so it is, and so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 5/12/97)

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Perfect Job in Perfect Timing

I choose to share my gift fully and completely ...

For clarity and faith that my perfect job comes to me in perfect timing.

Sitting. Breathing. Thinking. Thinking of that which I desire to bring into my life. I watch the thoughts flow and just let them go as I continue breathing... Each breath full and complete in itself... Each breath connected one to another... Each breath pulling me into myself easily and gently... Gently I move into that feeling within where I am one with the Creative Intelligence from which the universe comes... Here, within myself, I connect with the one power creating all there is... Now I relax and pray.

One power, one presence, one love filling all the universe with Itself. One omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent evolving life force moving out from beginning to end carrying all there is with it into now, manifesting itself as you, as me.

Here, I am feeling my constant connection with the Creative Intelligence and I relax into this connection realizing I am cocreating my life by using this Intelligence as it manifests in me. I consciously choose to use this Intelligence within me to bring into my life all I need to move me along my spiritual path to the realization of that potential I bring with me to this life, to this moment.

I have a gift to share and I choose to share it fully and completely now and open myself to receive all that I need to succeed in being fully myself. As I relax into oneness with Spirit I find clarity about the steps I am to take to the perfect job; my hope guides me in my choices as a star always leading me on toward the ideal I hold dear; with clarity as my foundation, my faith in a positive outcome is strengthened and my faith clearly guides me as I move forward in step with Spirit's perfect timing. I accept the perfect job, at the perfect time, in the perfect place.

Thank you Spirit for being with me now and always; I appreciate this time and all time I spend here in communion with you. I know you are as close as my breath and I use my breath to guide me to you when I feel the need for support and guidance; I am so grateful to be aware of this connection.

With all this said, felt, taken to heart and mind, I release this word to universal law knowing, accepting its manifestation in my life now.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 3/21/06)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Move Gracefully into the Future

Good flows to me ... I accept it all!

For You to know, feel and express that inner strength and power that is always with you fully and completely as you move into the future gracefully, easily, naturally, happily ...

Memories flood to mind as I sit to pray ... I acknowledge them for exactly what they are, memories, and let them go. I turn my attention inward, inward to this very moment ... to this very present holy moment ...

I know there is one power, one presence everywhere equally present in the universe. I know this presence, I use this presence, I experience this presence, I am inspired by this presence everyday. And I relax into this moment easily and naturally ... I breathe deep ... and let it go ...

I allow my thoughts and words to flow easily and naturally from this connection to the presence, to the creator within me. I take this time to center myself and be here now ... Now I am one with the creative power of the universe and I know it. I place my awareness on this eternal truth and look deep within my mind to where it connects with universal mind and am renewed by the energy that flows easily and abundantly from this source of all life. Yes, I am a creative center within the creative center of the universe now and always. I know this is true for me and true for each and every other center of consciousness.

Personal Peace, Power, Pleasure, Play, Presence, Performance, Presentation, Prayer flow from the deep feelings I access and release in this moment for I know, claim, acknowledge I am a divine child of the Creator of all and from this moment on I step out into the world just as I truly am. I release all thoughts of fear and limitation and accept only the flow of good through me into the world. I know I am accepted wherever I go for exactly who I am and I am happy. Good flows to me in all forms: friends, finances, freedom, fidelity ... I accept it all.

Thank you creativity within for releasing me from self-imposed bondage and opening me to the wonders of life, love and light I see all around me and within me now. I move forward with gratitude into the world. I release these thoughts, these words to the divine flow knowing they are true now and forevermore.

Blessed Be!

(Originally published on SharePrayer 6/19/98)